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This site is dedicated to Jeremy Harmer’s work as a singer-songwriter, musician and performer of the spoken word

(For Jeremy’s work – and books – in the field of English language teaching click here)

Jeremy’s 2019 CD is called  Looking for signs 

Jeremy’s 2017 CD And then we will sing is available here or on iTunes.

You can also read news about Jeremy’s music and performance and watch  videos of Jeremy’s music and spoken word performances.

This is also the site for information about Jeremy’s work as a spoken-word performer -including his collaboration with violinist and superlooper Steve Bingham

You can read about Island – the oratorio that Jeremy wrote with Phil Toms for everyone (but especially children)  and watch a short video about the first performance.

Watch Jeremy’s videos on YouTube.

Learn more about Looking for signs, Jeremy’s 2019 CD featuring Josh Lynch

Learn more about And then we will sing Jeremy’s 2017 CD

Learn about More than ever Jeremy’s 2015 CD.

Learn about/listen to Other Loves Jeremy’s 2013 CD.

Learn more about  Jeremy’s work as a spoken-word performers – including Touchable Dreams, his Show with musician Steve Bingham

Learn more about Jeremy’s work (and books) in the field of English language teaching