Idiosyncratics and Swallows’ Wings isn’t actually a CD at all! It is a a vinyl long playing record (LP) recorded one night in 1968 at the studios of Anglia Television, Norwich, while Jeremy was at the University of East Anglia. It has orchestral arrangements written by John Trevitt from the School of Fine Arts. All compositions were by Jeremy Harmer except for With you each day and Self Contained (from the show A Girl Mad as Pigs) which have words by Snoo Wilson and music by Jeremy, The Captain’s Apprentice*  (Traditional, arr: Harmer & Costa) & Tuesday am by David Costa and Jeremy Harmer. Cover photographs and design were by Hilary John Yates.

There are a number of people who like to collect rare vinyl. As a result Idiosyncratics and Swallows’ Wings has become a bit of a collector’s item. Only 99 copies were pressed at the time and all were sold to people at UEA. There are plans afoot for a re-release. Who knows?!

It has been described as ‘Acid house Nick-Drake-style’ which is a surprise!

The LP is notable for one fact. David Costa, who plays guitar on all tracks, has always said that it was this experience which lead him to concentrate on music and to start the group Trees which made two commercially available LPs shortly afterwards.

A track from the LP ‘People Smile with Ghosts in the Land of Make Believe’ was included in the compilation CD Strangers in the Room (Grapefruit) released some 50 years later!

*Jeremy ‘returned’ to The Captain’s Apprentice’ many years later on his CD Looking for Signs.