The biggest news of 2014 has been the purchase of a Collings 0M2H guitar (see picture). It is incredibly loud for a guitar of its size. It has very good bass response, and the strings ring out with crystal clarity – when they are played right!

IMG_5403A visit to Coda Music in Stevenage UK involved more than 2 hours trying out different instruments. This one – not at first considered at all – insinuated itself into its owner’s hands by almost winking at him. And after trying it – amongst the various others – a few times, suddenly announced that it insisted on being bought.

Ohio born Bill Collings moved to Houston, Texas in the mid 1970s to build guitars. By 1992 he had rented a large space in Austin and now, with more than 50 employees, Collings guitars are some of the best hand-built instruments around.