November 2014 saw the publication of the book Remembered for a While an extraordinary collection of writings, letters, diaries, photographs, facsimiles and analysis about Nick Drake.


For anyone who doesn’t know of him, Nick was a genuinely gifted songwriter and guitarist (he played other instruments too). In his life he only released 3 albums and when he died in 1974 (either by accident or on purpose – opinions are still divided on this) , he was known to only a small number of devoted followers.

Not any more! Songwriters, even today, talk about him in reverential tones. Drake’s music (and the story of his life) has a legion of fans and devotees all over the globe. That’s why his sister Gabrielle Drake (herself a well-know British actor), together with Cally Calloman who looks after the Nick Drake estate, created the beautiful thing that this book is.

Remembered for a While includes a short essay by Jeremy – who knew Nick on and off over the years, and on whom Nick’s music has always had a profound effect.

Apart from his version of Nick’s Northern Sky, Jeremy has recently recorded a version of Fly,