Fifty Different Kinds of Love

Bass guitar close upFifty different kinds of love

Jeremy says: ” Listening to the radio one day I heard a programme about the children who were sent to England (from countries in central Europe) by their parents to escape the slaughter of the Jews at the end of the 1930s. Their parents waved them goodbye even as they themselves had to stay behind only to die in the Nazi death camps. On the programme one of those children (now in her 70s or 80s), showed a letter that her father had written for the people that she (as a 4 or 5 year old) was being sent to from her native Czechoslovakia (as it was then). Sue MacGregor, the programme’s presenter, read out what it said: You as gentle people will understand what it means to send beloved children into a strange world – how much pain and tears are in this. You will imagine under what pressure such a step could be resolved. I assure you that since my eyes have not been dry and I have had no sleep in the night but my child must never know this. My sense of duty only could compel me to save the children from life which would be for them without honour or dignity. They shall not live in fear or flight ….…

I had to write about it.”

Jeremy (guitar, bass guitar, electric piano)

[Written by Jeremy Harmer]