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Jeremy’s album And then we will sing was (one of the CDs) reviewed in Unicorn, a folk magazine for the Cambridgeshire and East of England area.  It was a very positive review which said, amongst other things:

In the manner of a 21st century troubadour, singer-songwriter Jeremy Harmer uses his academic knowledge and skills to shine a perceptive light onto the key issues of our world. His intelligent, well researched lyrics illustrate his sincere passion for subjects such as racism, immigration, the effect of war on children, the murder of the MP Jo Cox, the plight of refugees, the love of a daughter and even an alternative national anthem, inspired by Jeremy Corbyn’s much publicised refusal to sing the National Anthem. I found the lyrics evocative and pertinent, especially the line in ‘The Dove’ “When you stoke up lies and hatred, mad men will get their guns.’