The sea was wide, the sky was blue, it’s hope that made him go

He left the past behind the future went too slow

Danger past. Now was the time to take a chance and try

Another life was possible where sky meets distant waves

That’s why he had to say goodbye

He said

If I don’t come back and I am gone and waves close over me

Give my mother all my love for what she did for me

Tell the people that I know, tell everyone

Why I made this journey,  who I was

And why I reached for the sun

CHORUS: He said tell them cause

That’s what friends are for, that’s what friends are for

Call me by my name and say from whence I came

That’s what friends are for.

She makes her way along the street, tries not to see the stares

It’s like an army judging her as if they didn’t care ‘bout

What she thinks and who she is that don’t mean a thing

Cause no one is listening, their minds made up

The arrows, the comments and the sting

Maybe she can find a friend, sometime who’s at her side

Who’ll understand just who she is – a mentor and a guide

Who’ll tell her she’s just fine the way she wants to be

Now’s the time to cut and run

To spread her wings and be free


If the sky goes dark and you can’t see and it you think all hope is gone

Lean on me I’ll see you though through when everything’s all wrong

I’ll do my best to heal the wound and quell your deepest fears

I may not take the hurt away, but I will try to let you feel

Sunshine through the tears