Touchable Dreams is  a live show of music and poetry (also available on CD)  by Steve Bingham and Jeremy Harmer

Taking its title from a poem by poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, Touchable Dreams is an exploration of the symbiosis between the expressive beauty of words and the ethereal poetry of music. Both aim to express the passion, tenderness and agony of deep feeling, and when they complement each other, the effect can be extraordinarily intense.

 Sometimes, in Touchable Dreams, words follow the music, echoing its plangent harmonies; at other times music follows the words, transforming their individual power into raw emotion. And sometimes the words and the music are intertwined in an almost physical interdependency.

Touchable Dreams describes romantic love, transient love, ridiculous love, bitter love, lost love, and sublime love in the music of JS Bach, Steve Bingham,  Andrew Keeling Johann Pachelbel, Astor Piazzolla, Eugene Ysaÿe and others, and in the words of poets and playwrights such as W H Auden, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Elizabeth Bishop, e e cummings, Carol Ann Duffy, Jeremy Harmer, Ted Hughes, Elizabeth Jennings, Jenny Joseph, Roger McGough, Brian Patten, William Shakespeare and others.

Touchable Dreams has had numerous performances in the UK and in Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Uruguay and other countries.

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